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Having a large number of flies in your home can be a very stressful experience. Some fly species carry serious diseases and some cause irritation through their bites.

The House Fly is the most common fly to be found in homes and business premises. They spit saliva onto solid food to predigest it before they suck it back inside. They do this because they can only take in liquids. Other common fly pests are Green Bottle, Blue Bottle, Fruit Fly, Cluster Fly and Mosquitoes.

To eradicate large fly infestations you will need the service of a professional pest control company. Origin Pest Control Technicians are experienced in the habits of different fly species. We can provide a range of different fly control treatments that are not only highly effective but the are safe for your family, work colleagues and pets.

If you asking yourself ‘how to get rid of flies’? The answer is to call Origin Pest Control who will offer you a fast and efficient fly control service at a competitive price.

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