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Feral Pigeon

As the number one pest in the world, chances are, at some point you’ve had an issue with a ‘flying rat’.

The feral pigeon derived from domestic pigeons that have made their way back out into the wild.

They love to make their home on ledges of buildings, on rooftops and you’d be hard pressed to find a city on Earth that they haven’t inhabited.

These guys aren’t picky eaters either – they’ll chow down on everything from grass, to last night’s cheeseburger. That’s why they’ve chosen cities – they’re a hugely abundant source of food.

Why are they a problem?

The main issue is that they foul buildings in and around the cities and towns that they inhabit.

But that isn’t the only problem.

They carry diseases, their nests block drains, they live in water tanks and gutters and act as a general nuisance wherever they go.

So if you’d like a little help keeping the pigeon problem at bay you can contact us. We offer bird control in North London that’s unrivalled within the area.

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Pigeon Facts

  • Mate for life
  • Used as messenger in Roman times
  • Can reach 19 inches and 8.8 lbs in weight

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