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There are thousands of different species of ants. The most common types of ants found in the United Kingdom are black ants also know as garden ants. Other ants causing problems are Pharaoh Ants and Red Fire Ants.

As the weather starts to get warmer ants will start to look around for food sources. Homes, offices restaurants and many other buildings can become targets for these small but annoying pests. The workers ants are required to forage for food which is needed for the rapidly growing number of young ants back at the nest.

The foraging worker ants look for food sources, ideally something sweet and sticky. Once they have found a good food source they will follow the same route from their nest to the food source and back again.

What can we do about these irritating pets you may ask? The first thing to do is to stop them getting the food. Clean up crumbs and spillages as they occur, cover any food that is left out, clear away your pets food once they have finished eating and make sure rubbish is put in bins with good fitting lids on.

If you are still experiencing problems with Ants after removing their food source, Origin Pest Control can deal with these unwanted pests with a simple treatment program. We will send one our trained pest technicians to your property to investigate your ant problem. Once onsite a thorough inspection of the site will be carried out to ascertain the full details of the problem. This inspection will also involve risk assessment for carrying out the most appropriate treatment. After speaking with you regarding the results of the inspection the treatment to resolve the pest problem will be carried out.

The treatment would normally involve applying a highly palatable ant gel, that will control a variety of different ant species, to the inside of the property. We will also spray the outside of the property with a residual insecticide.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how to get rid of ants’? The answer is to call Origin Pest Control who will offer you a fast and efficient ant nest removal service at a competitive price. From our base in St Albans we give a quick response time to customers in Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Bushey, Luton, Harrow and many other towns in Hertfordshire and North London.

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Ant Facts

  • Can carry 20 times their own weight
  • Estimated to have over 22,000 species
  • Worker ants can travel up to 200 metres from their nest and find their way back using scent

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