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How to Get Rid of FleasHow to Get Rid of Fleas

If you are asking yourself How to Get Rid of Fleas then the answer is to get a professional flea treatment.

Fleas are a household pest and the most common are the cat and dog flea. These fleas can be found in homes where cats and dogs are in residence and also in homes where cats and dogs have lived previously. This is possibly due to flea cocoons staying dormant for as long as 2 years only to be awoken by vibrations of new people or pets moving into the property. They then emerge as adult fleas looking for someone or a pet to feed on.

Flea Pest Control

It is very important to regularly treat your pets for fleas. Also, on a regular basis you should hoover the house and wash your pets bedding as this will help remove any flea eggs.

Flea Treatment in St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City

Origin Pest Control will send one our trained pest technicians to your property to investigate the level of your flea infestation. They will also work out the source of the flea problem as in some cases it is not always obvious. In most cases the flea problem can be attributed to a household pet but it is possible that fleas have been picked up from a source outside but close to your home, for example from a birds nest.

Before the flea treatment is administered it is important to give floors, furniture and any pets bedding a thorough vacuum. The pets bedding should also be washed. The flea treatment is then carried out by using a conventional residual insecticide.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how to get rid of fleas’? The answer is to call Origin Pest Control who will offer you a fast and efficient flea treatment at a competitive price.

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Flea Life Cycle

  • Egg – hatch after a week
  • Larva – start to pupate after 2-3 weeks
  • Pupa – become adults between a month and a few years
  • Adult – lay 4-8 eggs after every feed
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