Wasp Nest Removal Hemel Hempstead

waspWhy would you need our Wasp Nest Removal Hemel Hempstead service?

If you suspect you have a wasp nest call a professional pest control company like Origin Pest control

Origin Pest Control are experts in providing wasp nest removal in Hemel Hempstead and surrounding areas. Our pest technicians are trained to BPCA/RSPH Level 2. They can work out the best way of carrying out the wasp nest treatment from the size and location of the nest at your premises.

Wasps going in and out of your property is a sign you have a wasp nest. Or you may be able to see the wasp nest in your loft or garage. Angry wasps will attack and sting you if they feel their nest is threatened.

From this stage the size of the nest and the number of wasps will grow at great speed. If you have a wasp nest problem call Origin Pest Control who can carry out a fast wasp nest treatment.


Wasp Nest Treatment Hemel Hempstead

  • Origin Pest Control can provide you with a professional Wasp Nest Treatment
  • Our technicians are trained to RSPH/BPCA level
  • They wear protective clothing were required
  • They will carry out the most appropriate treatment depending on the location of the next
  • Wasp Nest Removal Hemel Hempstead


If you have a pest control problem with Ants, Fleas, Mice, Moles, Rats, Squirrels, Wasps or you need help with Wasp control or Wasp removal or any pest prevention we can effectively deal with your pest control problem. We cover all Hertfordshire and North London areas within a 25 mile radius of our St Albans office. Origin Pest Control covers an area ranging from Hertfordshire into South Bedfordshire and North London. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with a pest control services the gives both fast response and value for money. Our pest technicians are fully trained, friendly and polite.

Need fast treatment for wasps?

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Found a wasp's nest?

  • DO: Keep children and pets well away
  • DON’T: Disturb the nest in any way
  • DON’T: Spray the nest with water or insecticide

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