Rat Control

Rat Control

You may ask yourself ‘Why do I need professional Rat Control?’. If you suspect you have a problem with rats in your property it is important to act quickly. If left untreated the problem can quickly become out of control due to the speed at which they reproduce (see sidebar). It is important to work out where the rats are entering the property in order to solve the problem. We have all the modern equipment to help us do this quickly. From using infra red motion camera to check activity levels in your loft to using CCTV drain cameras to survey your sewer pipes. Along with the CCTV drain camera we also use smoke machines and the combination of these enable us to identify defects in drainage pipes.

One of our BPCA certified Pest Controllers can visit your property to survey the problem, work out the best form of treatment for the problem and carry out proofing work to stop the problem recurring.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how do I get rid of rats’? The answer is to call Origin Pest Control who will offer you a fast and efficient rat control service at a competitive price.

Rat Pest Control Treatment

After completing the initial survey of the property we will work out the best plan of action to eradicate your Rat Problem. The two most important aspects are finding and blocking up the entry point, and controlling their food source.

Once we have found the entry point and blocked it up the rats will either be trapped outside or inside. If they are outside the Rat Problem is solved but if they are trapped inside then we would start a baiting/trapping plan.


Origin Pest Control provides a professional Rat Control service to both domestic and commercial customers.

Rats are one of the most common pests in the UK and there are two types found

  • Brown or Common or Norway rat – Rattus norvegicus
  • Black rat – Rattus rattus

Both these species of rats pose a big health risk due to the diseases they carry but the also cause damage to your property by their continuous gnawing damaging doors, floorboards, cables and pipes. They can gain entry in to properties by burrowing, finding holes in brickwork/air vents or by defects/redundant pipes in the sewer system. This allows them to escape from the sewer system into your property. They can also contaminate your food through there urine and droppings.

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Signs of rat problems

  • Rat Droppings: droppings are dark brown and a tapered spindle shape
  • Scratching Noises: as they move around you may hear scratching from your loft or cavity walls
  • Smear Marks: grease & dirt on their bodies leave smudges on surfaces

Brown (Common) Rat

  • Latin name: Rattus Norvegicus
  • Life Span: 1-3 Years
  • Gestation Period: 21 Days
  • Litters per Year: On average 5
  • Rats per Litter: Up to 14

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