Being born in the 1960’s my first experience of rats was at senior school when I read the horror novel by James Herbert. Luckily the way rats were portrayed in the book was fiction and not fact. While growing up there never seemed to be a lot of rat problems and I don’t ever remember seeing rats around our neighbourhood.

We now see rats around in the streets and there are always stories about rats either in newspapers or on the television. The increase in rat numbers is due to the way we live our lives and the fact that they reproduce so quickly! They thrive on the pickings of food we leave littering our streets in town centres at the end of each day.

Rats also thrive in our sewer systems where there is an endless supply of food. Their numbers have increased in the sewers but due to the age of our sewer pipes in our towns and cities there are lots of opportunities for them to pop out to street level.

Rats cause problems all year round but when the weather is warm they are content living outside. It is only when we head into winter and the temperature drops that they start looking for a warmer place to live.

Us humans live in our warm, cosy houses and are always looking to improve our properties or make them bigger. Often when we have building work done on our houses we make changes to the drainage system. Sometimes pipes are left open while work is being done or when work is complete some pipes are left uncapped. This can leave the door open for rats to leave the sewer system and take up residency in your property.

Having rats in your property is a major problem. They carry diseases, they cause no end of damage from their gnawing, keep you awake with the noise they make and leave urine and excrement everywhere they go. This is the point when you need to call the experts in. Don’t wait until the problem becomes a big problem call us in at the first sign of rats. One of our technicians will call to see you, analyse the situation and apply the best treatment. They will also advise you of the work that needs doing to stop the problem coming back.

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